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Published By: Dell PC Lifecycle     Published Date: Feb 13, 2018
IT-marktonderzoeksbureau IDC heeft een wereldwijd onderzoek uitgevoerd onder meer dan 3500 IT-leiders over de hele wereld en kwam tot de conclusie dat bedrijven op alle niveaus PC Lifecycle as a Service modellen in overweging nemen om de kosten te verlagen, de vernieuwingscycli te verkorten en betere apparatuur te verwerven voor hun medewerkers. Dell PC as a Service (PCaaS) biedt een combinatie van hardware, software, levenscyclusservices en financiering in één complete oplossing, met een enkele, voorspelbare prijs per seat per maand. Dit alles wordt aangeboden door Dell Financial Services. Leer meer over Dell oplossingen powered by Intel®
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onderzoek, service, snel, wint, populariteit, dell
Dell PC Lifecycle
Published By: SAS     Published Date: Mar 06, 2018
“If we had done anything differently in Washington state, we would have done it faster,” said Hammersburg. “The key message is that fraud prevention – dealing with risk and program integrity – is not a cost issue, it’s a saving. When you can truly quantify the positive impact to the bottom line of a company or government agency, you shift the recognition that this is not an expense but that it’s a saving.” Some government organizations may be concerned that a rigorous program to shine a light on the underground economy will shine a brighter light on how much they didn’t know until now. Don’t let that stop you, said Hammersburg. “You have the opportunity to really get ahead of it now. Turn a risk into an opportunity going forward.”
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Published By: Mentor Graphics     Published Date: Apr 03, 2009
High Density Interconnect (HDI) is being used more often to meet the growing need for more complex designs in smaller form factors. Beyond some of the more obvious electrical effects of using smaller vias, there is also an impact to the power integrity of a board using HDI. This includes different effects of mounted inductances of decoupling capacitors, changes in plane performance due to reduction in perforation from chip pinouts, and the inherent plane-capacitance changes from using dielectrics of various thicknesses. This paper will examine and quantify these effects, using numerous design examples, including a large conventional through-hole design board that was reduced using HDI.
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power integrity effects, mentor graphics, high density interconnect, hdi, chip pinouts, perforation, multilayer or build-up multilayer, bum, sequential build-up technologies, sbu, buried via holes, bvhs, dielectric materials, photosensitive, laser drilling, plasma drilling, microvia, plated through-holes, pths, power distribution network
Mentor Graphics

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