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Why You Need a Cloud to Call Your Own

White Paper Published By: F5 Networks Inc
F5 Networks Inc
Published:  Oct 19, 2012
Type:  White Paper
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Organizations moving forward with a private cloud-computing initiative will find there are tangible business benefits beyond merely "cheap" computing. These benefits not only improve the agility of IT but also better align IT with business concerns by making IT more efficient, responsive, and cost-effective. Ultimately, it is operational efficiency that enables the business flexibility and cost savings for which private cloud initiatives are begun and against which such implementations are measured for success or failure.

Efficiency is at the heart of cloud computing, and it is the cornerstone upon which the entire model is based. Operational efficiency requires that organizations go beyond virtualization and begin to automate the data center, starting with processes that have a high impact on the business but are also highly automatable. These processes are ones that have well-defined steps that must be taken and which can be accomplished by leveraging application programming interfaces (APIs), remote scripting, and other automation focused technologies across the entire infrastructure.

This paper discusses how the implementation of automation and adoption of orchestration leads to greater operational efficiency-including the higher utilization rates that result in financial benefits. You'll learn how a private cloud-computing implementation gives organizations the opportunity to realize benefits without compromising on the architectural control required to assure integrity of data, systems, and processes. You'll also discover a strategy that preserves that architectural control while eliminating the need to architect, and enables organizations to implement a cloud-computing foundation that is sustainable, scalable, and built on existing, proven technology.

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